When you want a hooker, don’t go to this area of Monroe, NC

20160526_143627My wife and I were recently traveling through Monroe, NC and came to an intersection and saw this sign.

I had to stop and take a picture. It wasn’t a busy intersection and it was in an older commercial area of the town.

Our questions were: Why is this sign here? Is prostitution that big of a problem in this town? Does this imply that we can go elsewhere in town and find some action? And, now where are we supposed to go the next time we’re looking for a hooker on a Thursday afternoon?


Video Trailer for Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3kxTd-IZVI]

You can order your copy in paperback or on Kindle here.

A three-hundred year old mystery from one of the world’s most notorious pirates . . .

An unsolved murder from 1982 . . .

A treasure map uncovered . . .

The adventure of a lifetime for two friends could lead to fame and fortune, or to their deaths.

Deep within the archives at a museum in Raleigh, NC, researcher and recent college graduate Darwin Trickett makes the discovery of a lifetime: the diary of Blackbeard’s wife, Mary Ormond. As he examines the ancient journal, a folded map falls from its pages. He asks one of his few friends, Lucas Caine, for assistance in helping him find the location marked on the map they believe was drawn by none other than Blackbeard himself.

Caine is near the end of a surprising divorce proceeding and at the end of his rope as to what to do next with his life. He and Trickett head to Bath, NC, the final home of Blackbeard, bringing him a welcome distraction.

In small-town Bath, they quickly find assistance from a few locals, one of them a Blackbeard impersonator and owner of a large coastal shipping company. Lucas suspects there is more to the man than what he is telling them, but shady circumstances force Darwin and Lucas to call on his help.

They uncover clues leading them to several locations along the Carolina coast in search of treasure while being shadowed by a group of mysterious men.

By the time Darwin and Lucas unravel the clues embedded in Mary Ormond’s diary and Blackbeard’s map, and just when they think they’re safe, they find themselves fighting for their lives.

What happens next will rewrite the history books and change the two men’s lives forever.

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure, cover

Blackbeard plays role in modern-day mystery | Washington Daily News

Caleb made the front page of the Washington Daily News for his novel, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure! (Order Here)

Read the entire article at the link.

A decades-old unsolved murder, the 300-year-old mystery and an adventure of a lifetime collide in the new novel “Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure” by Caleb Wygal.

“Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure” is Wygal’s third mystery featuring his character Lucas Caine.

The novel is about two friends, Darwin Trickett and Caine. An archivist with the North Carolina History Museum in Raleigh, Trickett stumbles across the journal of Blackbeard’s wife, Mary Ormond, along with a treasure map tucked inside. Calling on Caine, the two set off on an adventure that takes them across eastern North Carolina, from Bath to the Outer Banks.

Read the entire article here: Blackbeard plays role in modern-day mystery | Washington Daily News

Anchor from Blackbeard’s ship raised after 293 years off North Carolina coast 

MOREHEAD CITY, North Carolina — Archaeologists on Friday raised an anchor from the Queen Anne’s Revenge, the ship that pirate Blackbeard and his crew intentionally grounded off the North Carolina coast in 1718.

The nearly 3,000-pound anchor is the largest artifact yet recovered from the wreck of the notorious pirate’s flagship.

The anchor was atop a pile of debris, which appears to be the remnants of the middle of the ship, including its cargo hold, said Mark Wilde-Ramsing, director of the Queen Anne’s Revenge project.

Next week, researchers hope to dig a small test hole into the pile where the anchor was removed to get a sense of what else might be hidden there.

Source: Anchor from Blackbeard’s ship raised after 293 years off North Carolina coast | cleveland.com

What is this toy in Rey’s home in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

For those of you who know me, you know that I am a big Star Wars fan. In fact, if it weren’t for George Lucas’s creation, I may have never gotten into writing novels. But that’s a story for a different day.

So, I watched J.J. Abrams’s, to me, brilliant Star Wars: The Force Awakens once again. I work from home, so television, movies, music, etc. serves as background noise. The time before when I watched it (probably my third viewing) with my wife, something caught my eye early in the movie that I wanted to look at again. But I didn’t want to stop the movie then as my wife may have started her own Rebellion.

Today, I had the chance to pause and investigate what it was I thought I saw, and it may give us a clue to Rey’s ties with Luke Skywalker.

Early in the film, after Rey returns to her home (a fallen AT-AT Walker), we get a glimpse into her solitary life. The camera pans around to a desiccated plant in a pot and then shows the above plush toy sitting on a shelf. The movie is full of Easter Eggs tying this film to the original trilogy.

If you look closely, the toy on the shelf appears to be a beat up X-Wing pilot. Many of us, those who are long gone from our childhood homes, still have our favorite stuffed animal sitting on a shelf, in a box, or on a bed in a guest bedroom somewhere. It’s one way we hold on to our childhood.

If you ponder why Rey might have created this doll, you could arrive at a few clues to her past. The Star Wars Visual Dictionary notes that she crafted this doll from debris she found in the junk fields — the orange fabric came from a New Republic cargo container.


There is barely a wasted shot in the Force Awakens. J.J. Abrams had purpose to every scene and image in the movie. Would he have had his prop makers go through the trouble of creating this plush toy and then aging it to make it look like it had been with Rey since she was a small child for no reason?

We know there’s a connection to Luke Skywalker and Rey. What that is, we don’t know yet. What if she felt some “pull” in wanting to create an X-Wing Pilot doll? What if that doll was meant to be Skywalker but she didn’t know it when she made it?

Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure is on Amazon’s Kindle! Order here

With the paperback release of Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure on April 28, 2016, I received word this morning that the Kindle version from Amazon will be available on May 12th!

Here’s the best news: it will cost only $6.99!

You can pre-order from Amazon here, and the novel will be auto-delivered to your device on May 12th.

In addition to Kindle, the e-book version will then be available for sale on Smashwords and Nook, and will begin shipping out to Sony, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, and more in the following 1-3 weeks.

Here is the video trailer for Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3kxTd-IZVI]