Death on the Boardwalk now available for hardcover preorders


My wife and son throwing rocks in the Broad River in Lake Lure, NC.

It’s good to get away, isn’t it? For years, every time my wife and I went on vacation (usually to a beach), we dreamed of living there. Then last year, my wife had a job offer in Myrtle Beach that we jumped on. Sold our home just outside of Charlotte, NC, and moved in less than two months. 
   Now that we’ve been here going on two years, we’ve been on vacation once to Edisto Island. One of our favorite places. We love it so much that I based much of Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure there. But I digress, we went inland for vacation this year and traveled to Lake Lure, NC last week for a stay.
   The weather couldn’t have been more agreeable for early November in the mountains. The leaves were just past their peak, but still beautiful. We had several activities lined up for my 3-year-old: going to an apple orchard, panning for gold, hiking through the woods, etc. But what he loved the most was throwing rocks in the Broad River (pictured). 
   It’s funny how a toddler can give you perspective on what is important and what isn’t, isn’t it?

Now for the bookish items on the agenda. 
Death on the Boardwalk is now available for preorder in hardcover here! That is also in addition to Kindle on Amazon. It is now also on-sale at Barnes & Noble here. Paperback preorders should be available this week as soon as Amazon adds it to their store. The release date for all versions is 2/2/21.

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