Washington Daily News Article: Blackbeard plays role in modern-day mystery

Check out this article featured in the Washington Daily News about Caleb Wygal’s third Lucas Caine mystery book, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure!

A decades-old unsolved murder, the 300-year-old mystery and an adventure of a lifetime collide in the new novel “Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure” by Caleb Wygal. “Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure” is Wygal’s third mystery featuring his character Lucas Caine. The novel is about two friends, Darwin Trickett and Caine. An archivist with the North Carolina History Museum in Raleigh, Trickett stumbles across the journal of Blackbeard’s wife, Mary Ormond, along with a treasure map tucked inside. Calling on Caine, the two set off on an adventure that takes them across eastern North Carolina, from Bath to the Outer Banks.

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