Blackbeard's Lost Treasure, cover

Video Trailer for Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

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A three-hundred year old mystery from one of the world’s most notorious pirates . . .

An unsolved murder from 1982 . . .

A treasure map uncovered . . .

The adventure of a lifetime for two friends could lead to fame and fortune, or to their deaths.

Deep within the archives at a museum in Raleigh, NC, researcher and recent college graduate Darwin Trickett makes the discovery of a lifetime: the diary of Blackbeard’s wife, Mary Ormond. As he examines the ancient journal, a folded map falls from its pages. He asks one of his few friends, Lucas Caine, for assistance in helping him find the location marked on the map they believe was drawn by none other than Blackbeard himself.

Caine is near the end of a surprising divorce proceeding and at the end of his rope as to what to do next with his life. He and Trickett head to Bath, NC, the final home of Blackbeard, bringing him a welcome distraction.

In small-town Bath, they quickly find assistance from a few locals, one of them a Blackbeard impersonator and owner of a large coastal shipping company. Lucas suspects there is more to the man than what he is telling them, but shady circumstances force Darwin and Lucas to call on his help.

They uncover clues leading them to several locations along the Carolina coast in search of treasure while being shadowed by a group of mysterious men.

By the time Darwin and Lucas unravel the clues embedded in Mary Ormond’s diary and Blackbeard’s map, and just when they think they’re safe, they find themselves fighting for their lives.

What happens next will rewrite the history books and change the two men’s lives forever.

Blackbeard's Lost Treasure, cover