Read A Murder in Concord and Moment of Impact for just $.99 in June!

Here’s something you can do for cheap for your summer getaway.

This month, Caleb is making his first two novels, Moment of Impact and A Murder in Concord, available for just 99 cents! Download today!

Caleb’s second Lucas Caine adventure was named as a Notable Book Set in North Carolina by the University of North Carolina in 2013.

concord2   Meet the Mahoney’s, one of the richest families in the state of North Carolina. Owners of the wildly successful Mahoney’s line of restaurants, they are a picture-perfect family and pillars of the community of Concord—until the morning the owner, Trent, is found dead in the middle of the highly secure Mahoney’s, Inc. parking lot. There are no witnesses and no suspects. Trent seemingly had no enemies, leaving the police baffled. The only person who appears on the police’s radar is Trent’s assistant, Lucas Caine—the person who found Trent and the last person to see Trent alive.
When Lucas finds himself in the crosshairs as a potential suspect, he launches his own investigation using his intimate knowledge of the Fitzgerald family to try to clear his name. He finds a dark side to this family no one knew about, and what he finds could lead to his death.

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Caleb’s debut novel, Moment of Impact, was the first Lucas Caine Adventure. It was targeted at teen readers, but adults have enjoyed it as well. Check it out.

CoverLucas Caine is an average high school student leading an uneventful life in a small West Virginia town. He plays on the football and basketball teams, and has a crush on a girl, Elizabeth, who barely knows that he is alive.
That is, until something rare happens in this small town: a new family moves in. Enter Jake Schofield: an enigmatic and mysterious character who is in the same grade as Lucas and Elizabeth.
Immediately Jake does something causing Lucas and the girl of his dreams to come together, and they start to figure out that something is wrong with Jake and that he has a thing for Elizabeth as well.
As Lucas tries to unravel the mystery of Jake’s past, Jake is busy causing trouble for Lucas and his friends, leading to a crash-bang climax between Jake and Lucas.
Then Lucas’ life may never be the same . . .

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If you like these two novels, you will love Caleb’s newest novel Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure, which is earning great reviews!