Death on the Causeway Unsigned Paperback


Paperback copy of Caleb Wygal’s Myrtle Beach Mystery, Death on the Causeway, Book 4 in the series.

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Death on the Causeway

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Book Description


Clark Thomas has a lot on his plate. A new book. A beautiful woman far from home. A missing fiancé. And a mysterious dead body plunges him headfirst into his latest real-world Myrtle Beach investigation.

He meets a beautiful young woman stranded by her fiance alongside the road on a busy Memorial Day Weekend in Myrtle Beach. She is a thousand miles from home, doesn’t know what to do, and has nowhere to go. The police won’t help for 24 hours. Clark tries to help her find her man, but soon finds himself involved in a conspiracy a year in the making.

As he unravels the case involving renowned food bloggers, restaurant reviews, and The Grand Strand, Clark learns that there is more to the story than meets the eye-and more to his wife’s death.

And the one dead body may not be the last.

With his world turned upside down after uncovering new information about Autumn’s death, Clark must get to the bottom of this mystery while he still can… before it’s all too late.

Death on the Causeway is the must-read fourth entry into the Myrtle Beach Mystery Series.

The outcome changes everything.

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