Moment of Impact by Caleb Wygal

Moment of Impact

Moment of Impact

The first Lucas Caine novel.

199 Pages

ISBN: 1514659247

Wygal Mystery Press 2006

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Lucas Caine is an average high school student leading an uneventful life in a small West Virginia town. He plays on the football and basketball teams, and has a crush on a girl, Elizabeth, who barely knows that he is alive.

That is, until something rare happens in this small town: a new family moves in.

Enter Jake Schofield: an enigmatic and mysterious character who is in the same grade as Lucas and Elizabeth. Immediately Jake does something causing Lucas and the girl of his dreams to come together, and they start to figure out that something is wrong with Jake and that he has a thing for Elizabeth as well.

As Lucas tries to unravel the mystery of Jake’s past, Jake is busy causing trouble for Lucas and his friends, leading to a crash-bang climax between Jake and Lucas.

Then Lucas’s life may never be the same…