A Murder in Concord by Caleb Wygal

A Murder in Concord

A Murder in Concord

A Lucas Caine Mystery

328 Pages

ISBN: 1523299126

Wygal Mystery Press 2009

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* Named a Notable Book Set in North Carolina by the University of North Carolina (2013)

Meet the Mahoney’s, one of the richest families in the state of North Carolina.

Owners of the wildly successful Mahoney’s line of restaurants, they are a picture-perfect family and pillars of the community of Concord—until the morning the owner, Trent, is found dead in the middle of the highly secure Mahoney’s, Inc. parking lot.

There are no witnesses and no suspects. Trent seemingly had no enemies, leaving the police baffled. The only person who appears on the police’s radar is Trent’s assistant, Lucas Caine—the person who found Trent and the last person to see Trent alive.

When Lucas finds himself in the crosshairs as a potential suspect, he launches his own investigation using his intimate knowledge of the Fitzgerald family to clear his name.

He finds a dark side to this family no one knew about, and what he finds could lead to his death.