Meet the cast of Death on the Golden Mile – the newest book in the Myrtle Beach Mystery Series by Caleb Wygal

Death on the Golden Mile is the exciting third novel in the Myrtle Beach Mystery Series by Caleb Wygal. When a beautiful stranger sits down across from Clark Thomas in his bookstore, she gives him an invitation to dinner . . . and murder.

Meet the cast, including the legendary and world-renowned John Allen Howard.

John Allen Howard

John Allen Howard is a retired Hollywood music composer and winner of multiple Academy and Grammy Awards. His music is recognized all over the world, even if he is not. He moved to Myrtle Beach upon ending his career and had an oceanfront estate custom designed on The Golden Mile – on of the most prestigious residential areas in all of Myrtle Beach.


Dee Dee Howard

The oldest daughter of the legendary Hollywood music composer, John Allen Howard. She is divorced, but has a boyfriend, Antonio. She runs a charity named The Cheerful Note – the organization donates musical instruments to schools in need and provides scholarships to young musicians who have a passion for music and wants to make a career out of it.
The question is: can she be trusted?


Erin Howard

Erin is the middle child of the family. She’s loyal, smart, and caring. She’s single and lives in the enormous oceanfront estate owned by her world-famous composer dad, John Allen Howard. She is his personal assistant and caretaker, as his health is not what it once was.

But, is living with her dad by herself with his diminishing health becoming too much for her to handle? Everyone has a breaking point. Has she reached hers?

Cade Howard

The youngest of the three Howard siblings. Perpetually self-absorbed, Cade spends most of his time with a cell phone in his hand, looking at social media, playing games, and reading who knows what. When not buried in his phone, Cade is an art broker and quite the artist himself. What secrets might he have?


Preacher Mobley

Preacher is the financial advisor to John Allen Howard. Preacher is a keen piano player squirmed his way into the Howard’s life upon their arrival in Myrtle Beach. He would come over and play music for and with the legendary composer in an insulated music studio in the basement of the Howard’s oceanfront estate. John Allen’s kids don’t trust Preacher to have their dad’s best interests at heart, but he believed the same about them. Would you trust Preacher?

Louise Stone

Louise is John Allen Howard’s next-door neighbor. Among all the beautiful houses on the Golden Mile, hers is the most decrepit (although her landscaping and flower garden helps to cover that). In recent months, she’s tried to put herself in John Allen’s good graces. Does she have some skeletons in her closet that would put the Howard family on notice if they knew about them?


Antonio Bianchi

Antonio is Dee Dee Howard’s boyfriend and a second-generation Italian immigrant. Antonio owns Grouper Insurance – a Myrtle Beach company that specializes in life and residential insurance.

Always talkative and well-dressed, Antonio has a role to play in the mystery. The question is: does he have John Allen Howard’s best interests at heart, or is he in cahoots with Dee Dee to get his hands on as much of John Allen’s fortune as possible?

Find out the answers in Death on the Golden Mile on August 23rd! Pre-order signed copies at Litchfield Books in Pawleys Island or Back Again Bookshop in Myrtle Beach. Or get it online at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.