Death Washes Ashore

Book 2 of the Myrtle Beach Mysteries

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Franklin/Kerr Press

Categories: Cozy Mystery, Southern Fiction, Amateur Sleuth

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Minutes after solving his first murder, Clark Thomas receives life-changing information about his past. But time waits for no one.

He receives a late-night message from Detective Moody soon after the body of a locally famous entertainer washes up on the Myrtle Beach shore. The department is under enormous pressure to solve the high-profile case quickly. They call upon Clark to help investigate, but to do it quietly.


Clark soon learns there was more to this entertainer than met the eye. He goes behind the curtain of the popular Gladiator Games Dinner Show and meets the performers and victim’s coworkers. He learns that the entertainer with a sparkling public persona was not as squeaky clean as he appeared.


Clark lends his unique ability to tie seemingly unrelated clues together as he races to solve the case. Along the way, he learns more about his wife’s death. What he learns shatters his perception of the woman he once loved.