Lucas Caine Adventures

“Fans of Dan Brown are sure to enjoy this tale!” – Readers’ Favorite Review

Off the shores of the Outer Banks, a lost shipwreck beneath the Atlantic could hold the key to solving a centuries-old mystery and defeating life’s greatest enemy: death.

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2016 Clive Cussler Adventure Award Semi-Finalist

A 300-year-old mystery from one of the world’s most notorious pirates leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two friends—an adventure which could lead to fame and fortune, or to their deaths.

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Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Adventure novel

Lucas Caine Origin Stories

* Named a Notable Book Set in North Carolina

Fresh out of college, Lucas Caine is enjoying life and is the personal assistant to a wealthy restaurateur, until he finds the owner dead in the headquarters’ parking lot one morning.

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The first Lucas Caine novel for young adults!

Lucas Caine is an average high school student leading an uneventful life in a small West Virginia town. He plays on the football and basketball teams and has a crush on a girl, Elizabeth, who barely knows that he is alive. 
That is, until something rare happens in this small town: a new family moves in.

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Kindle Short Stories

Andrew Nicholas is about to die . . . and he knows it.

Clues from a derelict vessel circling a star near Earth leads to mankind’s first possible contact with an alien race.

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