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Written by Caleb Wygal

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Looking for an exciting read while you’re on vacation? You can get my latest release, THE SEARCH FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, for free on Kindle!

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The novel is a semi-finalist in the 2019 Adventure Writer’s Competition and up for the Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award.

Here’s the info:

The quest for eternal life often sends explorers to an early death.

Lucas Caine is struggling to get his deep-sea salvage operation off the ground. But when he makes a discovery off the coast of Nags Head, he finds himself in the middle of a 200-year-old secret government operation. It’s mission: to find the Fountain of Youth. Caught between a shadow agency and another mysterious group sworn to protect the Fountain at all costs, Lucas doesn’t know who—if anyone—to trust.

With his best friend Darwin by his side, the team must trace a cryptic path originating from the ocean’s depths on a high-octane search for the greatest treasure of them all. But one-by-one the team disappears. Can Lucas end the quest and locate his friends while he runs for his life? Or will he be next?

Don’t miss The Search for the Fountain of Youth, the fourth book in the Lucas Caine series by Caleb Wygal. If you like Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and Dan Brown, then this adventure will have you turning the pages!

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