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The release of my upcoming novel, THE SEARCH FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, is approaching on 11/20/2018. The draft is currently in the hands of beta readers. Behind the scenes, my publisher, Franklin/Kerr Press, is hard at work on getting the novel ready for print and online.

Jordon Greene, my cover artist, finished the final touches on the cover of my next novel and sent it over last night.

What do you think?

Here is the book description:

A 200-year-old unsolved shipwreck involving the daughter of Vice-President Aaron Burr . . . 

A shadowy government agency with ties to one of signer of the Declaration of Independence . . .  

And a legend dating back to ancient times about to be solved . . . 

When Lucas Caine makes a discovery off the coast of Nags Head, he finds himself in the middle of an ongoing 200-year-old secret government operation. It’s mission: to find the Fountain of Youth. Lucas and his team are caught between this organization and hunted by a separate mysterious group out to protect the Fountain’s secrets at all costs. 

Lucas doesn’t know who—if anyone—to trust.  He, his best friend Darwin, and their team use clues obtained from the bottom of the ocean to propel them on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth.  

As search intensifies, Lucas’ team begins to disappear one-by-one. He must rely on his signature wits and intelligence to end the quest and locate his friends while he runs for his life. 

Packed with mystery, action, surprises at every turn, and long-held secrets extracted from America’s history, Lucas Caine’s most explosive adventure yet awaits him.  

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