Could Will Grier be the heir apparent to Tom Brady? 

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   Since Will Grier played his final game for WVU, his draft stock has gone up and down with him only appearing in the Senior Bowl at this point. Some of that had to do with draft pundits sitting back and watching film on him and his fellow QBs. Some of it has to do with who decided to leave school early and who decided to stay.

   The picture will become clearer following the NFL Combine next month, but that doesn’t stop pundits from putting out mock drafts now. Many are local to market teams. Others make a run at all of the picks, usually in the first round. Thus far, I’ve seen Grier go anywhere from the teens to the third round.

   Lately, I’ve seen a theme develop of one particular team selecting Grier: the New England Patriots.

   After trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers two seasons ago, the search has been on for Tom Brady’s eventual replacement. Prior to, and after winning Super Bowl LIII, Brady has said that he envisions playing several more seasons or until his backup is better than him.

   Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post is the latest I’ve seen linking Grier to New England in his first-round mock draft:

32. New England: Will Grier, QB, West Virginia. Tom Brady will be 42 this season. With the top two tight ends already off the board, the Patriots take Grier.

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