Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure

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A 300-year-old mystery from one of the world’s most notorious pirates leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two friends – an adventure which could lead to fame and fortune, or to their deaths.

Deep within the archives at a museum in Raleigh, NC, Darwin Trickett makes the discovery of a lifetime: the diary of Blackbeard’s wife and a folded treasure map tucked in its pages. He asks Lucas Caine for assistance in helping find the location marked on the map which they believe was drawn by Blackbeard.

Now, these two friends embark on a journey in search of treasure. They uncover clues leading them to several locations along the Carolina coast while being shadowed by a group of mysterious men.

By the time Darwin and Lucas unravel the puzzle, they find themselves fighting for their lives.

What happens next will rewrite the history books and change the two men’s lives forever.

Editorial Reviews

“For pure entertainment, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure plunges readers into a journey they can’t put down.” – Wes Lyons, bestselling author of The Pursuit With Patience

Wygal showcases a deep knowledge of the pirate life. Authentic dialogue adds more believability in this adventurous tale. The flow is fast moving and Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure is a great start to the series.” – Reagan Rothe, author of Misanthropy I and II

“Nothing in fantasy literature equals the search for buried treasure. Wygal’s tale will not disappoint.” – The Charlotte Observer 

Named a semi-finalist in the 2016 Adventure Writer’s Competition, sponsored by the Clive Cussler Collector’s Society. 

“A wonderfully written pirate adventure with locations you are sure to recognize. A fast paced story with thrills, excitement, and well researched history on Edisto and the pirates of Blackbeard’s time. This novel is a fun read that will make you want to go exploring!”- 2017 Explore Edisto Magazine

From the Author

Digging into the research and background on Blackbeard, pirates, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina for this novel led to discoveries about other people and areas along the Carolina Coast.

One thing that surprised me was that, despite the many books written about Blackbeard, just how little is really known about him. Most of what was written about him came years after his death, and those reports may have been embellished. What is for sure, is that his rise to infamy came quickly during his life as a pirate. For that to happen, his name must have been talked about in every port from the Caribbean to Philadelphia and to Bristol, England.
The two adventurers in this novel, Lucas and Darwin, learn some about his life, and the probability that had Blackbeard not died when he did, the United States may not have come into existence in 1776. Why? You’ll have to read Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure to find out.
  • Paperback: 358 pages
  • Publisher: Franklin/Kerr Press; 2nd ed. edition (April 3, 2018)